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H. Rider Haggard Works

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Non-Fiction Works

My copies of HRH's non-fiction works

1899 - A Farmer's Year

Images of the first edition, none are mine

The Large-Paper edition, which I do not own

Frontispiece, illustrated by George Leon Little, and title-page

A signed copy, not in my collection

image courtesy of David Frank

1901 - A Winter's Pilgrimage

Frontispiece and title-page

1902 - Rural England in 2 Volumes

Volume 1: frontispiece and title-page

Volume 2: frontispiece and title-page

1905 - A Gardener's Year

Frontispiece and title-page

Below: images of 2 different signed copies of this book, neither in my collection

images courtesy of David Frank

1911 - Rural Denmark

Frontispiece and title-page