1974 - Eagle in the Sky

William Heinemann published the first British edition, and Doubleday published the first American edition.

William Heinemann reprinted EAGLE IN THE SKY several times: in 1974 (reprinted before publication), 1974 (twice more in the same year as the first printing), 1979, 1985, 1987, and 1989 for a Uniform Edition.

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy. This is even more scarce because Wilbur signed it.

I own 4 copies of the first printing of the British first edition, and 2 of them are pictured below. Wilbur signed all 4 of my copies.

It is very difficult to find copies with EAGLE IN THE SKY on the dust jacket spine in the original bright pink color. Most often, the pink has faded to light pink, or off-white.

The very copy that Wilbur gifted to his mother-in-law is now in my collection. "Mom" is Danielle's mother.

The signature in one of my copies, which is circa 1974, thereby making it very rare

I found the signed copy below on eBay, but it is not in my collection

I have owned and sold numerous signed copies of EAGLE IN THE SKY. All below are first printings.

Doubleday published its first edition in 1974

I own 3 copies of the American first edition, 1 of which is pictured below

Wilbur signed 2 of my copies

Because the dust jacket is predominantly black, it is extremely rare to find one that does not show significant wear and tear.

Doubleday reprinted its first edition so not all copies are first printings of the first edition

The copyright page has to state 'First Edition in the United States of America'

Many copies of this edition were remainder-sprayed by Doubleday. It is tough to find a copy in collectible condition that has not been remaindered. Two of my copies have remainder spray on the bottom page edges of the book, as shown below, with THE SUNBIRD in the middle without remainder spray.