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1900 - Black Heart, White Heart and Other Stories

Three African stories

BLACK HEART, WHITE HEART first appeared in the New Year's Number of THE AFRICAN REVIEW for 1896. Charles Kerr provided 6 illustrations.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore all agree that the first edition in book-form was published May 29, 1900 by Longmans, Green, and Company in London. Apparently 10,000 copies were printed, using the same 6 Kerr illustrations.

The first British edition also contains two more stories: ELISSA, THE DOOM OF ZIMBABWE, and THE WIZARD.

ELISSA first appeared serially in THE LONG BOW between February 2 and June 9, 1898, and 33 illustraitons by F.H. Townsend were included.

ELISSA appeared first in book-form in this Longmans British edition, but with only 8 of Townsend's illustrations.

See the page I created for THE WIZARD, first published in 1896.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books on this page.

I do not own any of the exact books pictured on this page, but do own Near-Fine copies of the first British and first Colonial editions.

The British first edition is bound in navy-blue cloth.

The Longmans Colonial first edition is pictured below

The British first edition title-page and frontispiece (at left)

An illustration from BLACK HEART, WHITE HEART, and an illustration from ELISSA

My rebound 1903 SIGNED copy that HRH gifted to John Hays Hammond, part of a set of 23 volumes

Hodder & Stoughton British reprint with original DJ

(but with laughable front cver art of what appears to be a Native American, not a Zulu)