1976 - Cry Wolf

William Heinemann published the first British edition, and Doubleday published the first American edition.

William Heinemann reprinted CRY WOLF only a couple of times: in 1989 for a Uniform Edition and again in 1991 for the Uniform Edition. I have owned a couple of copies of CRY WOLF that were not printed by Cox & Wyman, and with a dust jacket that looks like the first edition DJ, but is laminated, whereas the first edition DJs are matte. Additionally, if I recall correctly, the laminated DJs bear no price, whereas the first editions DJs have a price of £3.90 net. Therefore, I suspect that, although these copies did not include a reprint statement, they were in fact NOT printed in 1976.

I used to own several signed copies of the first printing of the British first edition, but one of my last 2 copies is pictured below.

The very copy that Wilbur gifted to his mother-in-law is now in my collection. "Mom" is Danielle's mother.

I have not seen another signed copy where Wilbur included a date, making this copy even more rare that it already is.

My second signed copy was inscribed and signed, circa 1976.

I found the signed copy below on eBay, but it is not in my collection.

I have owned and sold a few signed copies of CRY WOLF. All below are first printings.

Below are images of one of the later-printing copies with the laminated DJs

Doubleday published its first edition in 1977

Doubleday reprinted its first edition so not all copies are first printings of the first edition.


I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy. It is even more scarce because Wilbur signed it for me. Note its extra-tall height.

I own 2 copies of the American first edition, 1 of them being pictured below. Wilbur signed both of my copies for me.