The Diamond Hunters of South Africa

This is a very are book. 

The first London edition is pictured below in blue cloth. 

The copy bound in red cloth is the first American edition. 

Both copies have the date-code 7/89 (July 1889) on the last page.

A nice copy of the British first edition, which I do not own.

I own this exceedingly rare American first edition.

Below, my copy of the first London edition

Last page date-coded 7/89 (July 1889)


Title-page of the London first edition

A variant binding of the first edition, likely later copies of the print-run that did not initially sell (not my copy)

This novel was published circa 1900 under a new title: EARLY DAYS AMONG THE BOERS. This was done to capitalize on the public's renewed interest in South Africa due to the Boer War that broke out in 1899.