1998 - Jessica

The Viking, Penguin Books Australia First Edition was published in 1998, but I cannot find any information that specifies the month or day of publication

Michael Joseph, Penguin Books published an edition in London in 1999

McArthur & Company published an edition in Canada in 1999

This book was not published in the United States

I own First Editions: the Australian, the British, and the Canadian

Bryce inscribed my copy of the Australian First Edition to me, and I also have a second signed copy

I own copies of the British and Canadian First Editions with signed bookplates

My second signed copy of the Australian First Edition has a newspaper article about Jessica, the main character of this novel

Brett Courtenay arranged for me to receive a signed copy of WHITETHORN, and he gave me a couple of bookmarks as well. One of the bookmarks announces that this novel was made into a "major television drama."