Other First Editions

The Canadian First Edition was published by Little, Brown and Company, and has the same dust jacket artwork as the William Heinemann dust jackets

My only copy was signed by Bryce in 1989, based upon the style of signature

This signed leatherbound copy was sold October 25, 2023 by Christine Courtenay, Bryce's widow. The BOMC stands for Book of the Month Club, so I believe this copy is a bookclub edition, and not a true first American edition.

Her description follows:

THE POWER OF ONE (Handsome Leather Bound Collectors Edition & SIGNED!) by Bryce Courtenay (First Edition - 1989 - Hardcover Published by Random House New York USA. There is a gold silk ribbon to use as a bookmark attached to the edition and the top part of the book (aside from the leather bound wrap around cover in very good condition). An exceptionally rare collectors edition of Bryce's iconic and internationally bestselling debut novel. Not previously offered for sale by this seller and an extremely precious item destined to grace the shelf of a dedicated Bryce Courtenay reader.

The American Paperback First Edition, published by Ballantine Books April 1990

My only copy has a bookplate that was signed by Bryce after he embellished his signature to become flowery and calligraphic

A variant American Paperback edition, published by Ballantine Books, 1990

The Dutch First Edition from 1990 has dust jacket artwork similar to the American Random House dust jacket

My only copy has a bookplate that was signed by Bryce 

The Book Club Associates (BCA) First Edition was published in 1992 to coincide with the release of the movie

I own one copy of this edition

The first appearance of a condensed version of THE POWER OF ONE was in Australia, published by Penguin (Puffin) Books in 1999

Delacorte Press eventually released in America its First Edition of the condensed version, published in September, 2005

I own a copy of the Advance Galley Uncorrected Proof of the Delacorte Press First Edition

I own a copy of the Delacorte Press First Edition

I do not own the copies below, which were sold on October 25, 2023 by Christine Courtenay

The inscribed and signed paperback below was sold on October 25, 2023 by Christine Courtenay

Christine's original description:

WOW! This pre-loved and somewhat worn copy of  THE POWER OF ONE by Bryce Courtenay (Paperback) is SIGNED by Bryce Courtenay, AND, in Bryce's unmistakable handwriting is written one of the iconic quotes from the book: 'First with the head and then with the heart. Bryce Courtenay" (see picture). An extremely RARE inscription!!! 

The photo below was sold in November 2023 by Christine Courtenay, Bryce's widow

Christine's original description:

A special original photograph 100 x 50 mm (photographer unknown) of a much earlier edition of The Power of One on what appears to be a sculpture of PEEKAY the chief protagonist in The Power of One