1904 - Tom Burnaby

A Story of Uganda and the Great Congo Forest

This is Herbert Strang's first novel

First published in 1904 in London by Blackie and Son Limited

THE BOOKMAN CHRISTMAS 1903 lists this novel

My copy of the British first edition

My copy of the British first edition has been signed, and dated October 1903, by "the Author," even though the author is two men. My copy also has a newspaper review hand-dated November 1903 about this novel.

An image I found on the Internet supposedly of Herbert Strang's signature

The "g" in "regards" above looks nearly the same as the "g" in "Strang" below

Frontispiece and title-page of the British first edition

1907 - On the Trail of the Arabs

A Story of Heroic Deeds in Africa

Published in 1907 in Indianapolis by Bobbs-Merrill Company

This is TOM BURNABY under a new title

My copy of the American first edition, which is rare

The title-page and copyright page in the American first edition

My copy of a British New Edition from 1922, and with a color frontispiece

The illustrations contained in the British and American first editions: 6 plates and 3 plans

The 1922 British reprint has 5 of the 6 plates (1 in color) and 3 plans

An illustration and ad for this novel found in Blackie ads at the end of a Blackie publication