1982 - The Angels Weep

William Heinemann published the first British edition, and Doubleday published the first American edition.

William Heinemann reprinted THE ANGELS WEEP a few times: in 1982 (twice in the same year as the first printing), and 1989 for a Uniform Edition.

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy

Below: my nicest copy of the British first edition

I own 3 more copies of the first printing of the British first edition. Wilbur signed 3 of my copies.

The very copy that Wilbur gifted to his mother-in-law is now in my collection. "Mom" is Danielle's mother.

I have not seen another signed copy where Wilbur included a date, making this copy even more rare that it already is.

The signature within one of my copies

A unique signed copy that I found on the Internet, not my copy

I have owned and sold several signed copies of THE ANGELS WEEP. The copies below are first printings.

Doubleday published its first edition in 1983

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy

The paper below is glued to the inside front cover of the Uncorrected Proof

I have never found a copy of THE ANGELS WEEP that has on its copyright page any statement to the effect that it is a first edition. Nothing like 'First Edition in the United States of America' found in earlier Wilbur Smith Doubleday editions, such as A SPARROW FALLS or EAGLE IN THE SKY, appears on the copyright page for THE ANGELS WEEP.

However, the Uncorrected Proof DOES STATE on its copyright page that it is a first edition. Due to the extreme rarity of copies of the Uncorrected Proof, I may be the only collector of Wilbur Smith books who owns a Doubleday edition of THE ANGELS WEEP that is a stated "first edition."

I own 1 copy of the American first edition