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1915 - The Holy Flower

THE HOLY FLOWER is another Allan Quatermain Novel

The first appearance of THE HOLY FLOWER was as a serialized novel, published in The Windsor Magazine and New Story Magazine December 1913. The Windsor Magazine serial ends in its November 1914 issue. The Windsor Magazine serial contains 16 Maurice Greiffenhagen illustrations, 1 in color. The New Story Magazine serial is reported to end in its June 1914 issue. I do not know if this serial was illustrated, but two of the covers appear to have to do with this novel, and the covers were illustrated by N.C. Wyeth. 

According to McKay, Scott, and Whatmore, Ward, Lock, & Co. published the first edition in London on March 31, 1915. All 16 of Maurice Greiffenhagen's illustrations are present, though all are black and white. The are ads at the end of the book, but they are not dated. McKay and Scott claim that 14,000 copies were printed.

Longmans, Green and Company published the first American edition on March 31, 1915 with the title: ALLAN AND THE HOLY FLOWER. McKay and Scott both agree on the publication date in New York. The American edition only includes 12 of Michael's 16 illustrations. There are no ads at the end of the book.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I own the complete serialization of this novel in THE WINDSOR MAGAZINE

Below: The color illustration found in the serialization in THE WINDSOR MAGAZINE

Below: The December 1913 and January 1914 issues of the NEW STORY MAGAZINE

The N.C. Wyeth cover for February 1914 issue of NEW STORY MAGAZINE, and what may be an image of the original painting

The March 1914 issue cover mentions that the serial continues in that issue, but the April 1914 issue cover does not mention HRH or The Holy Flower. Since I do not own any of the New Story Magazine issues, I cannot confirm if the serial continues into the June 1914 issue or not.

I do not own and could not find any images of the British first edition original dust jacket

Below: Copies of the British first edition

My copy is the second one

Below: A variant olive-green cloth binding of the British first edition

The Colonial Edition, "For Sale Abroad" blind-stamped to rear board

Below: A variant blue cloth binding of the British first edition without gilt

Below: the British first edition frontispiece and title-page

Below: My copy of the American first edition with original dust jacket

My copy of the American first edition

The frontispiece for the American first edition is the same as the one found in the British first edition.

The title-page of the first American edition is below.

Below, a British 1917 reprint with original dust jacket, published by Ward, Lock

This is a very scarce DJ, and I have yet to see the 1915 British First Edition DJ for THE HOLY FLOWER

The copy pictured below in the 5 photos sold on October 18, 2020 for US$339

Below, an American second printing from 1919, with original dust jacket, published by Longmans

Below, my copy of a British reprint original DJ published by Ward, Lock; unknown date

I found the image below in the Internet. It shows an original painting that became one of the Greiffenhagen illustrations in the serialization and the first editions.