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1891 - Eric Brighteyes

Norse sagas and HRH's 1888 visit to Iceland inspired this novel! 

McKay, Scott and Whatmore claim that ERIC BRIGHTEYES was serialized in THE PEOPLE  in 1891. THE SUN  (New York) began its serilization on January 4, 1891. It ran weekly, and without illustrations. This serilization is the earliest confirmed appearance of this novel.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore claim that Longmans, Green, and Co., published in London its first book edition, which is illustrated with 17 full-page woodcut prints and 34 supplemental illustrations (13 initial letters) by Lancelot Speed, on May 13, 1891; and that 10,000 copies were printed. Ads at the end are date-coded 12/90.

Later British Longmans printings of ERIC BRIGHTEYES contain a Bibliographic Note that states that the novel was first published in April 1891, not May 13.

Toronto-based William Bryce also included Speed’s illustrations for its 1891 Canadian first edition. 

In 1891 Heinemann and Balestier, Leipzig, published an edition for their English Library series. 

John W. Lovell published in New York its edition in 1891, and included the Speed illustrations. Harper & Brothers also published its edition in 1891, but without illustrations.

The International Copyright Act of 1891 put a stop to rampant pirating of HRH's novels. 

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books pictured, unless noted. 

The earliest known serialization of ERIC BRIGHTEYES, New York's THE SUN, beginning January 4, 1891

My copies of the Longmans first British edition

Printing history acquired from a 1921 British printing

Harpers May 1891 edition in paper wraps 

My copy of the US Book Company (John Lovell) American edition of 1891, which is a very rare book

Frontispiece from my copy of the United States Book Company American edition


My copy of the Harpers American edition

This is a very rare book

The title-page of the Harpers American edition

My copy of the first British edition, rebound without ads

My rebound 1902 SIGNED copy that HRH gifted to John Hays Hammond, part of a set of 23 volumes

Heinemann 1891 edition; Very scarce 2-volume set

July 1891 American paperback (pirated)

An 1895 Colonial Edition, not mine

Newnes and Conkey paperback reprints

Street & Smith paperback reprints

Harrap British reprint