2011 - Those in Peril

Macmillan published the first British edition on March 15 in South Africa; March 31 in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India; April 1 in Australia and New Zealand; and April 3 in Canada

St. Martin's Press published the first American edition May 10, 2011

I own an Uncorrected Proof Copy

The Uncorrected Proof Copy is a Limited Edition and has fold-out front and rear flaps

The first British edition

Wilbur was 78 years of age when he signed an unknown number of pages that were to be inserted to make a "limited number of signed first editions." As with THE TRIUMPH OF THE SUN signed limited edition, Wilbur opted to sign his name in a very sloppy manner.

Below are examples of the signatures.

Apparently Waitrose, in the United Kingdom, made an arrangement with Macmillan to get some pages signed by Wilbur, which pages were then inserted within copies of the first British edition. It is unknown how many such copies exist.

I own 1 signed copy of the first printing of the British first edition

Because the signatures in the "limited number of signed first editions" are sloppy and illegible, and because the Waitrose signed first editions are generic, I prefer to own a signed copy of the regular first edition.

It is a near certainty that the number of signed regular first editions in existence is fewer than the combination of the number of Waitrose and the "limited number of signed first editions" in existence

Wilbur signed my copy on the first day of publication

St. Martin's Press published its first edition May 10, 2011

I own an exceedingly rare copy of the Advance Readers' Edition

I do not own a copy of the American first edition, because I cannot find a signed copy anywhere!