Seaford's Snake

First published in London in 1912 by Ward, Lock, & Co.

Not published in America

This book is uncommon

I found a copy of the first edition of SEAFORD'S SNAKE with original dust jacket, but I do not own it

The original DJ is nearly impossible to find

I have never seen any other Bertram Mitford first edition with a dust jacket

My copy of the first edition

The British first edition frontispiece

The British first edition title-page

The other illustration within the book

Brian Stringer's copy is likely a Colonial Edition since he purchased it from Canada, and since it has an indecipherable blind-stamp on the rear board

Any such copy is surely more scarce than the regular British first edition

None of my Ward, Lock Mitford publications have any blind-stamps to their rear boards

Brian Stringer also owns a copy of a paperback edition, perhaps circa 1920