The King's Assegai

A Matabili Story

The first novel in Mitford's Zulu Tetralogy

First published in London in 1894 by Chatto & Windus with 6 illustrations

First published in New York by R.F. Fenno. No date is found anywhere within the first edition, but it is likely circa 1897 since in 1898 Fenno published Mitford's THE GUN-RUNNER and the title-page for Fenno's THE KING'S ASSEGAI lists THE SIGN OF THE SPIDER, which was published in 1896. The Fenno American first edition has the same illustrations as the British first edition.

Either first edition is rare today, but the American is far more uncommon

My copy of the 1894 Chatto & Windus first British edition of THE KING'S ASSEGAI

Frontispiece for the British first edition

Title-page of the British first edition

5 illustrations by Stanley L. Wood

Ads at the end of the British first edition are dated February 1894

Within the February 1894 List of Books is a list of Mitford's novels, including THE GUN-RUNNER, THE LUCK OF GERARD RIDGELEY, and this novel.

My copy of the R.F. Fenno first American edition

An ad for THE KING'S ASSEGAI appears at the front of the American Fenno first edition

Frontispiece for the American first edition

Title-page for the American first edition

Brian Stringer owns a unique American edition The Pratt Book Store in Denver Colorado issued an edition in plain card covers, but with same frontispiece, title-page, illustrations, and pagination as the American first edition

This unique edition has a copyright page specifying a year of 1897

Click the photo below to see more about The Pratt Book Store

Brian Stringer owns a Fenno American reprint without frontispiece or illustrations

Brian Stringer owns a copy of the British 1899 New Edition with ads at the end dated March 1900

His copy has the same binding and pagination as the British 1894 first edition

Below: a 1902 New Edition that I sold to another fan

Brian Stringer owns a 1926 cheap reprint without illustrations