2013 - Vicious Circle

This novel was first published in the spring of 2013 in Italy!

St. Martin's Press published the first American edition October 8, 2013.

Macmillan published the first British edition on October 8 in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (with Export Dust Jacket); and then on October 10 in the United Kingdom (with British Dust Jacket).

The 3 different dust jackets are depicted below.

The British dust jacket, then the British Export dust jacket, and finally the American dust jacket

As you know, I am a fan of collecting Advance Reading Copies and Uncorrected Proofs.

I cannot find a copy of the British Uncorrected Proof for sale anywhere, so do not own one.

Wilbur was 80 years of age when he signed an unknown number of pages that were inserted to make a "limited number of signed first editions." As with THE TRIUMPH OF THE SUN and THOSE IN PERIL signed limited editions, Wilbur opted to sign his name in a very sloppy manner.

Below are examples of the signatures.

My copy of the first British edition is one of the "limited number of signed first editions." But, my copy does not bear Wilbur's sloppy illegible signature on the limitation page; and, in addition, my copy has been signed on its title-page! That is 2 signatures in the same book.

St. Martin's Press published its first edition October 8, 2013

I own an exceedingly rare Advance Reading Copy

As you know, I dislike Wilbur's sloppy, illegible signature. Yet, I also like to collect signed copies of every British and American first edition.

The only signed copy of the American first edition that I could find for sale bears his sloppy signature.

A seller in the USA was selling so-called signed copies of the first American edition, but after close inspection, the signatures are either applied by auto-pen, or pre-printed on the pages. For sure, they are NOT hand-signed by Wilbur himself.

Below are two photos that I took, with and without flash.

There are 2 copies of the first American edition, and it can clearly be seen that the signatures are exactly the same, so they are NOT hand-signed by Wilbur.

The take-away here is: be on the lookout for "signed" copies of Wilbur's books and compare the so-called signature with the photos below to determine if the signature is by Wilbur himself.

The books below are for sale

At present I do not have any copies available for sale.