Thomas Pringle


London: Edward Moxon, 1834

Two parts comprise this publication:

Part I, Poems Illustrative of South Africa

Part II, Narrative of a Residence in South Africa

"This volume reproduces the South African poems published [earlier in 1824] in EPHEMERIDES, and others which appeared in various periodicals to which the author was an occasional contributor. The NARRATIVE OF A RESIDENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA  is published for the first time, having been delayed owing to Mr Pringle's duties as 'Secretary to the Society for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Dominions.' "

Sidney Mendelssohn South African Bibliography, volume 2, page 187. 

The first 2 photos below are of my copy of the first edition, which has been handsomely rebound in full leather

The 3rd/last photo shows how my copy looked prior to it being rebound

The frontispiece from my copy of the first edition: 'The Bechuana Boy' engraved by C. Landseer

The 2 title-pages in my copy of the first edition: the engraved title page vignette and the regular title-page

AFRICAN SKETCHES  comprises two parts, and the leading pages for each part are shown below

NARRATIVE OF A RESIDENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA was dedicated to Pringle's father, via the excellent poem below

After the Dedicatory Poem, there is an engraved map of the Frontier District, and then NARRATIVE OF A RESIDENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA begins

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Edward Moxon published THE POETICAL WORKS OF THOMAS PRINGLE in 1837, after Pringle had died of tuberculosis

I do not own a copy and found the image below on the Internet