The William Heinemann Australia First Edition

The William Heinemann Australia first edition was published in 1989. Christine Courtenay, on the Bryce Courtenay Facebook page, claimed that the publication date was February 21, 1989.

I own an Uncorrected Proof copy (British) that lists February 27, 1989 as the publication date. But, I also own a British promotional pamphlet that lists the publication date as March 20, 1989.

I own a copy that has been signed and dated March 17, 1989. I also own 3 additional signed copies of the Australian First Edition.

I have been collecting Bryce's books for over 2 decades. I have only ever seen 1 copy of the Australian First Edition that was signed and dated, and I bought this copy, which has been dated March 17, 1989. When I bought this copy, I was told that it had been owned by Michael and Roberta, mentioned in APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

My William Heinemann copies of THE POWER OF ONE

Puffin Books published a condensed version of THE POWER OF ONE  in 1999.

My copy has been signed by Bryce

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