The William Heinemann Australia First Edition

The William Heinemann Australia first edition was published in 1989, perhaps as early as February 27.

I own an Uncorrected Proof copy (British) that lists February 27, 1989 as the publication date. But, I also own a British promotional pamphlet that lists the publication date as March 20, 1989.

I own a copy that has been signed and dated March 17, 1989. I also own 3 additional signed copies of the Australian First Edition.

I have been collecting Bryce's books for over 2 decades. I have only ever seen 1 copy of the Australian First Edition that was signed and dated, and I bought this copy, which has been dated March 17, 1989. When I bought this copy, I was told that it had been owned by Michael and Roberta, mentioned in APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

My William Heinemann copies of THE POWER OF ONE

Puffin Books published a condensed version of THE POWER OF ONE in 1999.

My copy has been signed by Bryce

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