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1900 - Elissa

Two African stories

ELISSA: THE DOOM OF ZIMBABWE first appeared serially in THE LONG BOW  between February 2 and June 9, 1898, and 33 illustrations by F.H. Townsend were included. I do not own this serialization.

ELISSA appeared first in book-form in the Longmans, Green, and Company British edition, BLACK HEART AND WHITE HEART AND OTHER STORIES, but with only 8 of Townsend's illustrations. 

McKay and Scott both claim that Longmans published ELISSA, together with BLACK HEART AND WHITE HEART, in New York on June 15, 1900. This American edition has the same 8 illustrations for ELISSA.

BLACK HEART AND WHITE HEART first appeared in the New Year's Number of THE AFRICAN REVIEW  for 1896. Charles Kerr provided 6 illustrations, but only 5 of the 6 illustrations are found in this American first edition. I do not own the serialization.

This American edition does not contain THE WIZARD, for Longmans already published this story in New York back in 1896.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

Some images of the first issue of THE LONGBOW dated February 2, 1898

Some images of parts of the serilization in The Sunday Inter Ocean (Chicago), which purportedly was serialized between February 13 and April 17, 1898. AT least one illustration accompanied this serialization, by an unknown artist.

I own three variant bindings, pictured below.

The first edition title-page

Hodder & Stoughton published a later reprint with dust jacket