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1926 - The Days of My Life

HRH's Autobiography

THE DAYS OF MY LIFE was first serialized in The Strand Magazine between April and October 1926, with numerous illustrations, including 7 photos and 23 drawings that were not included in the Longmans first editions. This serialization is an abridgment.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore claim that Longmans, Green, and Co. published the first edition in book-form in London on October 7, and New York on October 11, 1926. 3,000 copies were printed, with only photo illustrations, some of which were not included in the earlier serialization.

As per the Preface, by Charles J. Longman:

The present work covers the first fifty-six years of his life, commencing with his earliest recollections and ending on September 25, 1912. On that day he wrote to me: "I have just written the last word of The Days of My Life, and thankful I am to have done with that book. Whenever I can find time and opportunity I wish to add A Note on Religion, which, when done, if ever, I will send to you." This 'note' he sent me on January 24, 1913. By his wish the entire MS. was sealed up and put away in Messrs. Longman's safe, and was seen no more till after his death, when it was opened by me in the presence of one of his executors.

Below: Some photos of issues of THE STRAND MAGAZINE, none are mine

Below: My copies in original dust jackets, which DJs are not easy to find.


Another set of these books, not in my collection