I mainly read and collect authors who write about southern Africa

I also enjoy accounts of Nile Exploration

My preference is for publications prior to 1930, but I do read and collect a few modern authors

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My Favorite Author, Henry Rider Haggard

fiction, non-fiction

Exploration of Southern Africa, Before the Victorian Era

Jan Van Riebeeck

1st Commander of the Cape of Good Hope, 1651 to 1662

François Valentyn

Description of the Cape of Good Hope, 1685 to 1714

Peter Kolben

The Present State of the Cape of Good-Hope, 1731

Andrew Anders Sparrman

A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, 1772 to 1776

William Paterson

Four Journeys into the Country of the Hottentos and Caffraria, 1777-1789

François Levaillant

Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, 1780 to 1785

John Barrow

Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa, 1797 to 1804

John Campbell

Travels in South Africa: First Journey 1812, Second journey 1819

Christian Latrobe

Journal of a visit to South Africa in 1815, and 1816

Barnabas Shaw

Memorials of South Africa, 1816 to 1837

J.W.D. Moodie

Ten Years in South Africa, 1819 to 1829

Andrew Steedman

Wanderings and Adventures in the Interior of Southern Africa, 1820 to 1831

Thomas Pringle

Narrative of a Residence in South Africa, 1820 to 1826

Henry Francis Fynn

Diary, 1822 to 1841

George Thompson

Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, 1823 to 1824

Nathaniel Isaacs

Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa, 1825 to 1831

Allen Gardiner

Narrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country, 1834

William Cornwallis Harris

The Wild Sports of Southern Africa, 1836 to 1837

James Alexander

Expedition of discovery into the interior of Africa, 1838

Victorian/Edwardian Authors, Southern Africa

R. Gordon Cumming


E. Elers Napier


James Chapman


Francis Galton


William C. Holden


Charles John Andersson


Joseph Shooter


Mayne Reid


Frank Oates


A.W. Drayson

fiction, non-fiction

William Baldwin 


F.C. Selous


John Mackenzie 


Walter Montagu Kerr


Ernest Glanville

primarily fiction

Bertram Mitford

primarily fiction

Barney Barnato


Percy Fitzpatrick 

fiction, non-fiction

F.S. Brereton


H. A. Bryden

fiction, non-fiction

Perceval Gibbon


Victorian Authors, Nile Exploration

John Hanning Speke


James Augustus Grant


Samuel Baker

primarily non-fiction, but some fiction as well

John Petherick


David Livingstone


Henry Morton Stanley

primarily non-fiction, but some fiction as well

Other Authors: Victorian Era to 1930s

Herbert Strang


Other Authors

fiction, non-fiction

Modern Fiction Authors, Southern Africa

Wilbur Smith

Tony Park

Bryce Courtenay

Alan Scholefield

Stuart Cloete

Robert W. Krepps

John Wilcox

John Gordon Davis

James S. Rand