1906 - Samba

A Story of the Rubber Slaves of the Congo

First published in 1906 in London by Hodder and Stoughton

THE ATHENAEUM for November 24, 1906 lists this novel

THE BOOKMAN CHRISTMAS 1906 lists this novel

My copy of the British first edition

Title-pages: 1906 First Edition and 1908 Second Edition

My copy of the British second edition

The British second edition is desirable for its color illustrations

The first edition has the same illustrations, but only in black and white

6 illustrations on plates and 2 plans on plates

1906 - Fighting on the Congo

A Story of an American Boy among the Rubber Slaves

Published in 1906 in Indianapolis by Bobbs-Merrill Company

This is SAMBA under a different title

My copies of the American first edition, which are very rare

I have both variant bindings

The title-page and copyright page in the American first edition

The American first edition has the same illustrations as the British first edition, but with different titles and the 2 Plans are not included

An ad for SAMBA found at the end of a Henry Frowde / Hodder & Stoughton publication