1991 - Tandia

Bryce's second published novel, sequel to THE POWER OF ONE

The William Heinemann Australia First Edition was published in 1991, but I cannot find any information that specifies the month or day of publication. Bryce lived in Australia, so it makes sense that his novel would be first offered for sale in Australia

William Heinemann also published an edition in London in 1991

Little, Brown published an edition in Canada in 1991

This novel was not published in the United States

The novel is 900 pages long, so the book is thick and heavy and not often found in pristine condition

The William Heinemann Australia First Edition dust jacket has "WHA" at the bottom of the spine

It is not easy to get a photo that nicely demonstrates the metallic gold lettering on the dust jacket

Bryce's son, Brett, gave me a copy of TANDIA that Bryce gave to Brett. Sincere thanks to Brett for entrusting this book to me and my collection!

I own 4 other copies of the WHA first edition, and, based upon the style of signature, all of them were signed in 1991

One of my signed copies has a letter to the former owner, Stephen, tipped in at the front

I do not know who Stephen is or what relationship he had to Bryce

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy of the British First Edition

I own a copy of the British First Edition that Bryce inscribed for me!

I also own an inscribed copy of the Canadian First Edition

My copies of TANDIA: 4 Australian First Editions (all signed), a British Uncorrected Proof, a signed-to-me British First Edition, and a signed Canadian First Edition

THE POWER OF ONE and TANDIA were published together in an omnibus volume that went through at least three variations

I own a copy of all three, and all have been signed by Bryce