First published in London by Methuen in 1899

This novel is very rare and difficult to acquire in first edition since Methuen published it at 6 pence in a cheap format.

The British Library claims erroneously that this book was published in 1894, and this error has been perpetuated across the Internet.

The Novelist  list and the title-page dated 1899

Methuen announced on May 6, 1899 that it would begin on May 16, 1899 a new Monthly Series of New Novels under the banner The Novelist.  Glanville's THE INCA'S TREASURE  was published in July 1899 as the 3rd novel in this series.

An advertisement in The Bookman  August 1899 issue

The Bookseller  August 4, 1899 listing

A review from August 19, 1899 in The Athenaeum

A review from September 1, 1899 in The Literary World

In 1902 Methuen published a reprint in cloth binding 

Methuen published a circa 1905 reprint in cloth binding