1997 - Birds of Prey

Macmillan published the first British edition on March 10, 1997

St. Martin's Press published the first American edition July 1997

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy

I own 2 copies of the first printing of the British first edition, both of which are signed

One of my copies was signed and dated on the first day of publication, and as such, is rare

I have owned and sold numerous signed copies of BIRDS OF PREY

The copies below are first printings

This copy is the one Wilbur gave to his mother-in-law

This copy was signed and dated more than a month before the date of publication

Suzanne assisted Wilbur with the publishing of this novel

St. Martin's Press published its first edition in 1997

I own an exceedingly rare Advance Reading copy

This is even more scarce because Wilbur signed it

I own 1 copy of the American first edition, and it is signed

Signed copies are rare; I have never seen another signed copy