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1888 - Mr. Meeson's Will

First published in the 1888 Summer Number of THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.

This Summer Number includes 26 illustrations by A. Forestier and G. Montbard.

The novel was apparently first authorized to be published in book form in New York by Harper & Brothers on June 23, 1888. This edition does not include any of the illustrations by A. Forestier or G. Montbard.

MR. MEESON'S WILL was first published in London by Spencer Blackett in October 1888. The Blackett edition contains 16 full-page illustrations by A. Forestier and G. Montbard.

I own the complete serialization of this novel in the 1888 Summer Number.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books pictured, unless noted.

Illustration by A. Forestier, from the 1888 Summer Number, depicting a pivotal scene from the novel

First British edition front cover

First British edition

My copy of the Harpers first American edition

My copy of the Spencer Blackett first British edition has been rebound in quarter leather, retaining the original illustrated front cover and spine-titling sections

Spencer Blackett first edition frontispiece and title-page.

Note, this frontispiece is NOT found in the serialization. I have no idea why Spencer Blackett used this new illustration instead of the one by A. Forestier.

My copy of the first American edition includes an advertisement for the first part (July) of the serialization of MAIWA'S REVENGE within Harper's Monthly Magazine

My copy of MR. MEESON'S WILL was signed by HRH and gifted to Ida Hector, who became his secretary in 1891.


When I returned from Mexico in 1891 I fell into very poor health. ... Amongst other inconveniences I found that I could no longer endure the continual stooping over a desk which is involved in the writing of books. It was therefore fortunate for me that about this time Miss Ida Hector, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Hector, better known as Mrs. Alexander, the novelist, became my secretary, and in that capacity, as in those of a very faithful friend and companion, to whose sound sense and literary judgment I am much indebted, has so remained to this day.

My copy of MR. MEESON'S WILL was signed in 1888 by HRH and gifted in 1888 to Ida Hector, who became his secretary in 1891

THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, February , 1892, page 9

Longmans reprint (15th thousand) frontispiece, which is THE original A. Forestier illustration instead of the one that was used for the 1888 Spencer Blackett first edition

1894 Longmans reprint (15th thousand) title-page with a vignette

My copy of this American Pollard & Moss (pirated) reprint paperback published July 23, 1888 with illustrations not found in the Summer Number or the first British edition

British reprint paperback published by Newnes without illustrations

My rebound 1904 SIGNED copy that HRH gifted to John Hays Hammond, part of a set of 23 volumes

The books below are for sale

SOLD: 1888 SIGNED first edition