2016 - Pharaoh

HarperCollins published the first British edition on September 1 in South Africa, and on September 22 in the United Kingdom. 

William Morrow published the first American edition October 18, 2016.

The 3 different dust jackets are depicted below.

The British dust jacket, the American and Canadian dust jacket, then the Australian and New Zealand dust jacket

I do NOT own a Proof Copy and am unsure if any exist.

The British Limited First Edition, which I do not own

I found this photo on Facebook

Signed British first editions, which I do not own

I found the photos on Facebook

William Morrow published its first edition October 21, 2014

I do NOT own an advance Uncorrected Proof copy

The photo below is from Wilbur's Facebook

I do not own a copy of the first American edition since I can't find a signed copy