'Tween Snow and Fire

A Tale of the Last Kafir War

First published in London in 1892 by William Heinemann in a single volume in a binding that matches that of its publication of A Romance of the Cape Frontier. There are no illustrations.

First published in New York in 1892 by Cassell and Company in a single volume. There are no illustrations.

Either first edition is extremely rare today. It took me about 20 years to locate the Heinemann first edition, and 25 years to locate the Cassell first edition.

The listing for 'TWEEN SNOW AND FIRE in THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE claims that Heinemann published the novel in September 1892, but I have read elsewhere that it was expected in early October 1892.

The October 1, 1892 edition of THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY lists the Cassell publication in a cloth binding (which I own) priced at 75 cents, and a paperback copy priced at 50 cents.

My copy of the 1892 William Heinemann first British edition of 'TWEEN SNOW AND FIRE

Title-page of the British first edition

My copy of the 1892 Cassell first American edition first printing

Title-page of the American first edition

Below, a copy of the 1894 reprint that I sold to another collector

July 1894 is the date on the ads at the end of this 1894 reprint

Street & Smith of New York reprinted this novel, circa 1900, in order to capitalize on the Boer War. From ads at the end of the book, the ad below titled THE TRANSVAAL WAR reveals insights into Street & Smith's motivations for publishing 'TWEEN SNOW AND FIRE.

I once owned a copy, but sold it off.