The Expiation of Wynne Palliser

A Novel of Contrast

First published in London in 1896 by Ward, Lock, & Bowden with 4 illustrations

Not published in America

The first edition is rare today

An ad for THE EXPIATION OF WYNNE PALLISER found in the March 6, 1896 issue of The Bookseller

A copy of the 1896 Ward, Lock first British edition

My copy is in similar condition

Frontispiece for the British first edition

Title-page of the British first edition

The other illustration within the book

A reprint owned by Brian Stringer

A 1910 paperback reprint owned by Brian Stringer

A later printing/edition

(circa 1913 since Brian Stringer has a copy with a former owner signature and 1913 date)

The images below are not mine, I found them on the Internet