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1894 - The People of the Mist

Another Lost-Race novel

McKay, Scott and Whatmore claim that the first appearance of THE PEOPLE OF THE MIST was as a serialized novel, published by TIT-BITS WEEKLY from December 1893 through August 1894. I have never seen this serialization.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore also claim that Longmans, Green, and Company published the first edition in book-form in London on October 15, 1894. This edition, purportedly composed of 10,000 copies, contains 16 illustrations by Arthur Layard. Ads at the end of the book are dated-coded 9/94 (September 1894).

McKay and Scott also claim that Longmans published the first American edition in November 1894 with the same illustrations as its British edition. Ads at the end of the book are not dated.

George Newnes published its edition in London circa 1906, and this new edition features 8 illustrations by Cyrus Cuneo. 

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books pictured, unless noted. 

HRH gifted this first British edition copy to his Godson, and now this copy is in my collection.

Arthur Layard, the illustrator of the British first edition, gifted this copy on the first day of publication, October 15, 1894. This copy is now in my collection.

British first edition title-page

My copy of the first American edition

The American first edition is not easy to find in this clean condition

Below: frontispiece and title-page within my copy of the first American edition

An ad for the novel found in the back of the first American edition of HEART OF THE WORLD.

My rebound 1905 SIGNED copy that HRH gifted to John Hays Hammond, part of a set of 23 volumes

The frontispiece is the same as that found in the Longmans first editions

An original Cyrus Cuneo painting of one of the illustrations found in the Newnes paperback reprint

Longmans' Colonial Library reprint edition

Excellent-condition Longmans reprint with original DJ (not in my collection)

Hodder & Stoughton British reprints with original DJs