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1907 - Fair Margaret

The first appearance of FAIR MARGARET was as a serialized novel, published in The Lady's Realm, November 1906 through October 1907. J.R. Skelton created 54 illustrations.

FAIR MARGARET was serialized in at least one newspaper in America. The Los Angeles Sunday Times began its serialization in the April 21, 1907 issue. I have images of this issue and other subsequent issues below.

McKay, Scott, and Whatmore claim that Hutchinson and Company published the first edition in book-form in London on September 9, 1907. Apparently 15,000 copies were printed, with only 15 of Skelton's illustrations. Ads at the end of the book are dated August 1907.

Higgins claims that Hutchinson paid £750 ($129,000 in 2020 dollars) as an advance for publication in book-form.

Longmans, Green, and Company published the first edition in book-form in New York on October 11, 1907 with the shortened title, MARGARET, and included 16 of Skelton's illustrations. Ads at the end of the book are not dated. McKay and Scott both agree on the publication date in New York.

The Musson Book Company published the first edition in Canada. There is no date within the book, and no ads at the end.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own the books pictured below, unless otherwise noted.

I own the complete serialization of this novel in THE LADY'S REALM.

Two of the illustrations from the THE LADY'S REALM serialization are below.

Below: Some images of the serialization within the Los Angeles Sunday Times

Below: A nice copy of the British first edition

Copies of the British edition, pictured below.

Blue cloth copy is the first edition, while the green cloth copy is the second edition.

Frontispiece and title-page

My copy of the first British edition was gifted by HRH to his sister, Ella

The Hutchinson Colonial first edition, paperback

courtesy of David Frank

The information and images below are courtesy of David Frank

Library of Congress (LC) Advance Copyright Deposit Copy. Copyright submission copy as described in McKay-Scott, ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS TO THE HAGGARD BIBLIOGRAPHY, page 20. This is one of two copies (copy B) submitted to the LC for US copyright, showing the LC receipt stamp dated April 20, 1907 on the verso of the title page. Copy A is in the LC rare book room. The first US trade edition was published as MARGARET on Oct. 11, 1907 and the first British edition was published as FAIR MARGARET on Sept. 11, 1907. The text of the copyright deposit copies are complete, but lack the illustrations that appeared in the trade editions. Plain wrappers as issued. Longmans, Green, and Co.: New York, (1907), 354 pages. VG. Plain wrappers toning, separation of front wrapper and first free end page. LC writing on front wrapper, LC info on verso of title page, LC date stamp on rear free end page, Tipped in receipt from bookstore purchase of $975 to Haggard expert Al Tella from 1997. [David] purchased this from [Al Tella's] estate.

My copy of the American first edition, pictured below.

Below: a first American edition in variant plain cloth binding, that I used to own but sold

My copy of the Canadian first edition, pictured below.

An ad for FAIR MARGARET in the ads at the end of the first British edition, and an illustration from the serialization.

Hutchinson reprint with original dust jacket, and 2 paperback reprints

I do not own any of the books below

Skeffington British reprint with original dust jacket

I used to own this copy but sold it