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1888 - Colonel Quaritch, V.C.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore all claim that COLONEL QUARITCH, V.C. was first published as a serialized novel by Harper & Brothers beginning July 7, 1888 in HARPER'S WEEKLY, and it contains an unknown number of illustrations.

McKay, Scott and Whatmore claim that it was first published in London in 3 volumes (triple-decker) by Longmans, Green and Co. on December 3, 1888, and that 3,000 copies were printed. Longmans also published a 1-volume edition in 1889.

Harper & Brothers published its authorized first American edition in 1889 in New York. This edition is illustrated with 4 plates, originally found in the serialization of this novel by the same publisher.

In 1890 Longmans published a new edition with a frontispiece, and a title-page vignette.

Circa 1906 George Newnes published in London an edition with 8 illustrations by Cyrus Cuneo.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books pictured, unless noted.

Longmans first 3-volume edition

My copies of the 3-volume first British edition have been rebound in 3/4 leather and cloth.

1889 Longmans first 1-volume edition

1889 Longmans first 1-volume edition title-page

Below: the original Charles Whymper painting for the 1-volume 1890 title-page, and then the title-page itself

My copy of the Harpers first American edition

Title-page in my copy of the first American edition

Frontispiece in my copy of the Harpers first American edition

Below: My rebound 1901 SIGNED copy that HRH gifted to John Hays Hammond, part of a set of 23 volumes

Newnes paperback reprint

Newnes paperback reprint with Cyrus Cuneo illustrations

Street and Smith, New York reprint paperback

The books below are for sale

SOLD: 1888 3-volume first edition, rebound