John Campbell

Travels in South Africa

Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society

Black, Parry, & Co., and T. Hamilton, London, 1815

John Campbell was a Scottish missionary and traveler, who, after the death of John Theodosius van der Kemp, was sent to South Africa by the London Missionary Society to inspect mission stations. On Campbell's journey to the Cape, he became significant in the opposition of the slave trade, and helped found the Society for the Education of Africans. This book is the record of his first journey to South Africa in which Campbell toured the country, meeting the natives and the Boer settlers. Campbell gives an account of bushmen's country, King Mateebe in Lattakoo, Dr. Cowan's massacre, numerous undiscovered topographical regions. The book includes an appendix of prayers in native languages, a short glossary, a list of population and land holdings of the tribes, a list a questions asked at every mission, and a new list of regulations created during his trip. He returned to England in 1814 with his report and recommendations for the colony together with maps of the outposts. Howgego II, pp. 105-6. Mendelssohn I, p. 254 

 "Few Englishmen at that time had performed such a feat, and on his return his appearances on missionary platforms in London and throughout the country were received with enthusiasm." (DNB).

"This book contains some information on general subjects, as well as a complete account of the missions of the London society. But the author's simplicity and credulity were so great that little reliance can be placed on anything that he describes which did not come under his own eyes. It is difficult to make out his Dutch, Korana and Setshuana proper names, as his ear was not good at catching sounds. There is a kindly tone throughout . which compensates for many defects." [Theal's Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets relating to Africa]. 

With frontispiece, 9 plates, folding map

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Travels in South Africa, Undertaken at the Request of the London Missionary Society

Being a Narrative of a Second Journey in the Interior of that Country

Francis Westley, London, 1822 

First edition, in two volumes (pp. xii, 322; 384). Octavo (23 cm) in fine bespoke binding - polished red calf, gilt titles and decorations, top page edges gilt, marbled endpapers, gauffred edges (in the style if not by the hand of Bayntun- Riviere). Complete with twelve aquatints (two frontispieces) by Clark from drawings by Campbell and hand-coloured folding, but not very accurate, map (repaired fold) of South Africa.

Campbell's second inspection tour on behalf of the Missionary Society extended over two years beginning at the end of February, 1819, when he and Dr. Philip arrived in Cape Town. Eventually his tour, including two separate journeys, took in the various missions of the Cape Colony and later visits to Lattakoo, Mashow, and Griqua Town (Mendelssohn I, 255 - 56). See also Tooley (123). 

My 2-volume set of the First Edition, 1822

Beautiful color frontispieces from the London first edition

The title-pages from the London first edition

Beautiful color plates from the two volumes