Sporting Scenes in South Africa

First published in London in 1858, and includes illustrations in color by Harrison Weir. A second edition was published in 1860 with new black and white illustrations by Dalziel after Joseph Wolf.

"An account of hunting and sporting experiences in Kaffraria and Natal. The author joined a party of Boer hunters who were making an excursion into the plains under the Drakensburg mountains, near the sources of the Mooi river. He remarks on the wonderful eyesight possessed by these people and their contempt for the English as sportsmen. There is a good account of the natives with many notes of the fauna of the country." (Mendelssohn)

I own an 1858 first edition with the Weir color illustrations, in original binding, but recased. I also own a rebound 1858 first edition, but with the Wolf black and white illustrations instead of the Weir color illustrations.  The copy below is not in my collection.

This is a very scarce book.

My friend Nick Hodson created a free ebook version available at Project Gutenberg.

The color illustrations in the First Edition

The original paper front cover and title-page of the Second Edition, 1860

The illustrations in the Second Edition

My copy of the first edition in restored original cloth

My copy of the First Edition, but with Second Edition illustrations