2007 - The Quest

Macmillan published the first British edition on March 14 in South Africa; April 6 in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand; and May 15 in Canada

St. Martin's Press published the first American edition May 15, 2007

I own an Exclusive Limited Edition Proof copy

It is even more rare because Wilbur signed it

Wilbur signed my copy of this proof on March 23, 2007, 9 days after the first day of publication in South Africa, and before the book was published in the United Kingdom

Wilbur added a unique line: "I am one, you are legion ~ said Taita"

This inscription is uncommon

This book was issued in a Limited Signed Edition, numbered to 1,500 copies with slipcase

I do not own a copy of the slip-cased Limit Signed Edition

Below are examples of the signatures found in the slip-cased Limited Signed Editions

I own 2 signed copies of the first printing of the British first edition

Because there are 1,500 copies of the Limited Signed Edition, I prefer to own a signed copy of the regular first edition.

It is a near certainty that there are fewer than 1,500 signed regular first editions in existence

Wilbur signed one of my signed copies especially for me!

One of my signed copies was signed and dated April 14, 2007, 8 days after first day of publication

A couple of not-so-uniquely-inscribed copies that I found on the Internet, not mine

St. Martin's Press published its first edition May 15, 2007

I own an exceedingly rare copy of the Advance Readers' Edition

I own 2 copies of the American first edition, and both are signed

My signed copies, one of which is dated June 5, 2007, which is 20 days after the first day of publication

My signed copies are in 2 different variants, with metallic-red on the spine of one, metallic-silver on the other

I have owned and sold a couple of copies of the first American edition