The Albert N'Yanza

THE ALBERT N'YANZA is not easy to find in nice condition. Macmillan published the first edition in 1866 in two volumes in London, and, in conjunction with J.B. Lippincott, as a single volume in New York. In 1867 Macmillan reissued the work in two volumes, which are shorter than their 1866 counterparts.

The photos on this page are of copies that are not in my collection, though my 2-volume London set is as nice as the set that is pictured immediately below.

Title-page for the 1866 London edition.

Title-page for the 1867 London edition.

Title-page for the 1866 Lippincott single-volume edition.

At right are two variant cloth bindings for the first edition.

I do not own a copy of the first American edition.

Below: Images of my beautifully-rebound sets of the British first edition