James Edward Alexander

An Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa

Through the Hitherto Undescribed Countries of the Great Namaquas, Boschmans, and Hill Damaras

Performed under the Auspices of Her Majesty's Government and the Royal Geographic Society

London : Henry Colburn, 1838, 2 volumes

My copy of this extremely rare first edition is in the original blue cloth binding, which is even more uncommon.

On behalf of the Royal Geographical Society (which Alexander had co-founded), he conducted an exploring expedition into Namaqualand and Damaraland, lasting from 8 September 1836 to 21 September 1837, in the course of which he collected rock specimens, pelts of rare animals, birdskins, weapons and implements from the Herero and Nama, as well as drawing maps of the region and making a first list of Herero words. Subsequently, Arrowsmith made use of his data to draw a map accompanying his book of the expedition. Alexander Bay on the Orange River mouth, is named after him.

Frontispiece, Volume 1

Title-Page, Volume 1

Frontispiece, Volume 2

Title-Page, Volume 2

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