First published as a serial in Cosmopolitan from August 1922 through February 1923.

First published in book-form by Putnam in New York in February or March 1923.

I own a Putnam first edition with original DJ, and also own the Photoplay edition published by Grosset & Dunlap.

Constable published its edition in London, in 1923. It printed a second impression also in 1923, then printed a Popular Edition in 1924 (see below).

I have never seen an original DJ for the first edition. Any Constable edition is uncommon.

Putnam first edition in original DJ, with and without flash

Facsimile Putnam DJ over original DJ, with and without flash

Putnam first edition, with and without flash

My original dust jacket

My copy of the Constable Popular Edition, 1924

Any Constable edition is very uncommon, and with an original DJ, exceedingly rare

Facsimile dust jacket, Putnam

Grosset & Dunlap Photoplay edition with original DJ, with flash

Grosset & Dunlap Photoplay edition with original DJ, without flash

My Grosset & Dunlap original dust jacket

The images below are from the original serialization in Cosmopolitan.

I have the images from August 1922, September 1922, October 1922, November 1922, December 1922, January 1923, and February 1923.

I also have an image of a couple of the original oil paintings.

Herbert Morton Stoops (1888-1948) Original Illustration (c.1922) for Part 3 of the serialization in Cosmopolitan.

Caption: "Late afternoon saw the arrival of Druro trailing his long legs on either side of a mule's fat belly..."

Oil on canvas, approximately 20 x 40. Not signed.

This is an original Oil on Canvas, 26" x 36"

This scene was reproduced in the December Cosmopolitan for Part 5 of the serialization.

Painting Signed Lower Left

Hard to see information about scene on Verso

Illustration: Ponjola, British Officer talking to a Sargent Major.

Anna Q. Nillson in the First National Picture film of PONJOLA