2001 - Smoky Joe's Cafe

The Penguin Books Australia First Edition, a paperback original, was published in 2001, but I cannot find any information that specifies the month or day of publication

McArthur & Company published a hardcover edition, with dust jacket, in Canada in 2001. The front cover is similar if not the same as that of the Australian First Edition.

Severn House published an edition in 2002 in Britain

This book was not published in Britain or the United States

An earlier, shorter version of this story was first published electronically as MEETING AT THE SMOKY JOE CAFE, 2000

October 25, 1997: Bryce Courtenay starts our interactive novel, 'The Meeting at the Smoky Joe Cafe'. A number of Herald readers contribute the following chapters, and Morgan Stuart brings it to a close. A whole novel on the net, almost 12,000 words long. 

From Publishers Weekly, Big Plans from Down Under, April 9, 2001:

EBooks.com, the first Australian company devoted to selling digital books, hopes to become the world's premiere e-bookstore—and having the perfect URL doesn't hurt. The e-book retailer launched last September with bestselling Australian author Bryce Courtenay's Meeting at the Smokey Joe Café, which is available exclusively in digital form.

I do not own this earlier electronic ebook.

I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to Brett Courtenay for arranging for me to receive a signed copy

The Severn House British first edition

The Canadian first edition beside a Penguin paperback