The Adventures of Hans Sterk

I own all of the books pictured below, unless noted.

My friend Nick Hodson created a free ebook version available at Project Gutenberg.

A nice copy of the first edition, sadly not in my collection

Exceedingly rare 1869 first edition

Frontispiece and title-page below

This rare novel was later republished titled AMONG THE ZULUS.

6th thousand, I do not own this edition

Circa 1892 reprint with the same illustrations as the 1869 first edition

Circa 1898 reprint with new illustrations by A.W. Cooper

The Dutch and German editions below are nice for their covers, but I do not own any of them. They refer to Hans Sterk as an Elephant Hunter.

An episode from this novel was reprinted in THE VICTORY ADVENTURE BOOK, circa 1916