The Random House American First Edition

Random House published an edition in the United States, and this edition first appeared for sale in June 1989.

I have been collecting Bryce Courtenay books for over 2 decades, and have purchased anything that was interesting that surfaced for sale.

I own 3 copies of the uncommon Advance Readers' Edition

The Advance Readers' Edition has a fold-out front flap

The Advance Readers' Edition fold-out front flap has marketing and publication details inside

The hardcover first edition dust jacket and photo of Bryce on its rear flap

The hardcover first edition title-page

One of my copies has an interesting letter inside that was signed by Bryce

One of my copies contains an insert that explains that the American First Edition has renamed Hymie to Morris.

Every time I have ever seen a signed copy of the American First Edition for sale, I bought it.

I own 4 signed copies. The photos below depict the signatures that are within my copies

The books below are for sale

Nothing for sale at present