The Curse of Clement Waynflete

A Tale of Two Wars

First published in London in 1894 by Ward, Lock, & Bowden with 4 illustrations

Not published in America

The first edition is rare today

An ad for THE CURSE OF CLEMENT WAYNFLETE in the Christmas 1894 issue of The Bookseller

My copy of the 1894 Ward, lock second British edition

Very likely a second printing/impression instead of being an actual second edition

Frontispiece for the British first edition

Title-page of the British first edition

The illustrations within the book

My copy of the Third Edition from 1896

Very likely a third printing/impression instead of being an actual third edition

The pagination is exactly the same as my "second edition"

Title-page of the 1896 Third Edition

Brian Stringer owns a Colonial Edition. Its title page is same as my Third Edition (above) from 1896. The wording on the back board is "This edition is issued for distribution in the Colonies and India only and should not be sold in or imported into the United Kingdom." Pagination is the same as the Second Edition. It is slightly smaller than Second Edition.

A later, perhaps 4th edition, not mine

Brian Stringer also owns a paperback edition