1856 - Lake Ngami

The first British edition of LAKE NGAMI was published in London in 1856 by Hurst & Blackett. It has impressive and large lithographs. Harper & Brothers published the first American edition in New York in 1856, but it is a small book and the illustrations are not as impressive, for it has no lithographs.

The Hurst & Blackett production quality far exceeds that of the Harper American first edition.

Below: an image of my copy of the first British edition of LAKE NGAMI

This edition is over 10 inches tall, and being so large, is very difficult to find in collectible condition. Many copies have foxing, as does my copy.

I also own in its original binding a second edition (which is in reality a second impression of the first edition) that is completely free of foxing, and as such, is very uncommon. I also own a rebound second edition copy that is free of foxing.

Below is my favorite lithograph from LAKE NGAMI.

Below is the frontispiece lithograph, which is my second favorite illustration in LAKE NGAMI.

Below, the title-page for the Hurst & Blackett 1856 first British edition

Below, lithographs of Damara, Ovambo and Bayeye natives Andersson met during his explorations

Additional lithographs of animals Andersson encountered and hunted

Below, the map included in the Hurst & Blackett edition.

Below are two more illustrations that I like from the Hurst & Blackett edition

Below are images of a copy of the first American edition that I sold to another collector.

My rebound "second edition" largely free of foxing

A modern reprint published by Briar Patch Press in its African Collection.