Cast Up By the Sea

CAST UP BY THE SEA was first published in a single volume, which is very scarce. 

Macmillan published its first edition in 1869 in London, and Harper & Brothers arranged with Macmillan to publish its first edition in 1869 in New York.  However, the electrotypes were mistakenly sent instead to J.B. Lippincott, who hurriedly published the first American edition in New York in January 1869.  Harper & Brothers followed with its own 1869 first edition.

The photos on this page are of copies that are not in my collection, though my copy of the first British edition is in the same binding and in similar condition.  I do not own any American edition.

The Macmillan first edition is bound in green cloth.

It has a frontispice and the title-page is dated 1869.

Ads at the end are dated July 1868.

There was a squabble between Harper and Lippincott regarding publishing this novel