1995 - The Potato Factory

The first novel in the Australian Trilogy

The William Heinemann Australia First Edition was published in November 1995,

William Heinemann also published an edition in London in 1996

Little, Brown and Company published an edition in Canada in 1996

This book was not published in the United States

I dislike the artwork on the dust jacket. I guess I'm not artsy-fartsy enough.

I have 4 signed/ inscribed copies of the Australian First Edition

Signed copies of the British First Edition are very scarce

My signed copy of the British First Edition

The Canadian First Edition was published by Little, Brown and Company, and has the same dust jacket artwork as the British William Heinemann dust jacket

My copy has been inscribed by Bryce

I have never seen another signed Canadian First Edition

My copies of THE POTATO FACTORY: 4 signed copies of the WHA First Edition, and signed copies of the British and Canadian First Editions

The images below of a brochure and a photo of Bryce signing copies of THE POTATO FACTORY  were sold in 2023 by Christine Courtenay

Christine's original description:

An exceptionally and recently discovered RARE marketing brochure in full colour and double sided released for the publication of The Potato Factory (the first book in The Australian Trilogy) in Australia in 1995.

Christine's original description:

A lovely PHOTO OF BRYCE joyfully signing copies of The Potato Factory (Hardcover, First Edition) in Australia in 1995, from the seller's private collection!