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1882 - Cetywayo and His White Neighbours

HRH's very first published book happens to be a non-fiction work titled CETYWAYO AND HIS WHITE NEIGHBOURS.

First published in London by Trübner & Co. in 1882. Apparently, only 750 copies were printed.

Starting with the second edition, a New Introduction by HRH is present.

I do not own any of the books that are pictured. I do own a 4th edition that looks very similar to the second edition pictured below.

1888 second edition with a new Introduction by HRH. This edition is also found in green cloth.

To capitalize on the Boer War of 1899, a British reprint was issued titled THE LAST BOER WAR. And, an American first edition titled A HISTORY OF THE TRANSVAAL was published.

1906 new and cheaper edition.

There was also a 1902 new and cheaper edition, and the below image is of a signed copy

image courtesy of David Frank