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1882 - Cetywayo and His White Neighbours

HRH's very first published book happens to be a non-fiction work titled CETYWAYO AND HIS WHITE NEIGHBOURS

First published in London by Trübner & Co. in 1882. Apparently, only 750 copies were printed.

Starting with the second edition, a New Introduction by HRH is present.

I do not own any of the books that are pictured. I do own a 4th edition that looks very similar to the second edition pictured below.

The copy that HRH presented to his father

Images of copies of the first edition

1888 second edition with a new Introduction by HRH. This edition is also found in green cloth.

To capitalize on the Boer War of 1899, a British reprint was issued titled THE LAST BOER WAR. And, an American first edition titled A HISTORY OF THE TRANSVAAL was published.

1906 new and cheaper edition.

There was also a 1902 new and cheaper edition, and the below image is of a signed copy

image courtesy of David Frank