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1904 - The Brethren

THE BRETHREN : A Romance of the Crusades

The first appearance was as a serialized novel, published in Cassell's Magazine December 1903 through November 1904 . H.R Millar created 66 illustrations for this publication. Cassell had not published any of HRH's novels since KING SOLOMON'S MINES.

McKay, Scott, and Whatmore claim that Longmans, Green, and Company published the first edition in book-form in London on September 30, 1904. Ads at the end of the book are date-coded 9.04. Apparently 15,000 copies were printed, without any illustrations.

McClure, Phillips and Company published the first American edition October 2, 1904. There are no ads at the end of the book, but 16 of Millar's original 66 illustrations are included on plates. McKay and Scott both agree on the publication date in New York.

The Copp, Clark Company published the first Canadian edition (by arrangement with Cassell) in 1904. There are no dated ads at the end of the book, but 4 of Millar's original 66 illustrations are included on plates. It is curious that this edition has 4 illustrations while the Cassell has none. This edition is similar to the Cassell first edition, if not from the same printing plates.

See the page dedicated to the illustrations found in various editions.

I do not own any of the books pictured below, unless stated.

Cassell's Magazine ran an article in its November 1903 issue concerning "Haggard's new story"

I own the complete serialization of this novel in CASSELL'S MAGAZINE, but the copies shown below are not mine.

The only full-page illustration, of the 66 illustrations included in the serialization.

An excellent copy of the British first edition, pictured below.

Sadly, my copies are not as nice.

I own two special copies of the first British edition. One has been signed on its title-page and dated 1904.

The other copy was gifted by HRH to his sister, Ella (Mrs. Maddison Green), to whom he dedicated the novel.

My copies of the first American edition. The Special Edition has a gilded decorative spine (but plain boards), gilded top page edges, and is in fact a second impression.

Copies of the first American edition not in my collection

A copy of the first Canadian edition (owned by Brian Stringer)

Below: the frontispiece, title-page, and 3 additional illustrations in the Canadian first edition

Cassell reprints with original dust jackets

Readers Library reprint with original dust jacket, circa 1920s

American Boy serialized THE BRETHREN in October - December 1932 and January - March 1933