1999 - Monsoon

Macmillan published the first British edition on March 12, 1999

St. Martin's Press published the first American edition May 25, 1999

I own an exceedingly rare Uncorrected Proof copy

I now only own 1 copy of the first printing of the British first edition

A very special copy that Wilbur gave to his dear wife, Danielle, who was dying from brain cancer. When I saw this book for sale, I contacted Wilbur, and, sure enough, he confirmed what I thought: namely, it had been stolen from him.

Here is what he told me:

Thanks so much for this. The copy must have been stolen from my library.

I have managed to get it back.

All best wishes,


A couple of unique signatures I found on the Internet, neither are mine

I have owned and sold numerous signed copies of MONSOON

The copies below are first printings

This copy is the one Wilbur gave to his mother-in-law

Suzanne assisted Wilbur with the publishing of this novel

St. Martin's Press published its first edition on May 25, 1999

I own an exceedingly rare Advance Reading copy

This is even more scarce because Wilbur signed it

I own 1 copy of the American first edition, and it is signed

Signed copies are rare; I have never seen another signed copy