Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia

London: Rowland Ward, 1896

It is not easy to find a copy of the Rowland Ward first edition in collectible condition

Most copies you will see the cloth on the spine has become dark brown, and since the original cloth is a cream color, often copies are found very soiled or darkened. Scroll down further to see example photos of copies that are very browned.

The second edition (in actuality a second printing) is sometimes found with a pinkish cloth. Scroll down further to see examples of the pinkish-cloth copies.

My copy of the rare first edition of SUNSHINE AND STORM IN RHODESIA is quite clean

An advertisement for Selous' earlier book, TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE IN SOUTH-EAST AFRICA, is found at the back of SUNSHINE AND STORM IN RHODESIA

An illustration and the famous zebra-skin endsheets

The map included with the book

Below, the cleanest example I have ever seen

I could not afford to buy this copy, which sold for over $1,500

Title-page for the second "edition" and its reddish zebra-skin endsheets

Browned copies of the first edition

Second "editions" with pinkish cloth