The White Shield

Sequel to THE KING'S ASSEGAI and second in the Zulu Tetralogy

First published in London in 1895 by Cassell and Company, without illustrations. It is likely that 2,000 copies were printed (see below).

First published in New York in 1895 by Frederick A. Stokes, with 7 illustrations by David B. Keeler.

This novel is a sequel to THE KING'S ASSEGAI

My copy of the first British edition

Title-page in my copy of the first British edition

The 1896 printing was the "Fourth Thousand"

Ads at the end of the first edition are date-coded 8.95 (August 1895)

Since the 1896 printing was the "Fourth Thousand," the first edition likely was 2,000 copies, the second printing of 1895 being the 3rd thousand. See below for a printing history present in an 1897 Cheap Edition.

My copy of the first American edition is pictured below