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HE - 1887 parody of SHE


By the Author of "It," "King Solomon's Wives," "Bess," "Much Darker Days," "Mr Morton's Subtler" and Other Romances

Published by Longmans, Green, and Company in 1887

L.W. Curry, Inc. claims Andrew Lang and Walter Herries Pollock are the authors of this parody, and also claims the following about this book:

A bibliographically complex book, this is probably the second printing with "Authors" changed to "Author" on the title page and "ALAN" corrected to "ALLAN" on the dedication page (for bibliographical particulars see Locke, A Spectrum of Fantasy Volume II, pp. 143-4).

A Haggard parody, perhaps written with some assistance from Haggard himself, that "consists of adventures around London paralleling those of Holly and Vincey, culminating in a swindle." - Bleiler, The Guide to Supernatural Fiction, p. 299. The supernatural (curses, witchcraft, etc.) are parodied and rationalized. An amusing story. Bleiler, p. 118. Reginald 08596. Scott 625.

The second image of the front cover is of a copy offered for sale by L.W. Curry, Inc.